How to Play the Thai Lottery

The Thai lottery is an official national lottery administered by the Government Lottery Office. It is drawn twice a month, on the first and sixteenth days. Thailand’s legalised gambling laws allow for only two forms of gambling: the lottery and horse racing. Both are regulated, and there are a number of ways to play the lottery.

Each draw begins with a random selection of balls from a set of numbers. Each ball represents a prize amount. Prize amounts are broken down into six, three, and two-digit numbers. The first prize, which is the “jackpot,” is worth B30 million and the second prize, B22 million. In เลขลับเฉพาะสายทหาร , there was an additional bonus prize of 30 million baht. These are the first prizes in the Thai lottery.

The national lottery office prints tickets containing the first million numbers and pairs of each number. For the first prize, a ticket stub costs three million baht. For a pair of tickets, you can claim six million baht. This ensures you’ll have more chances of winning the jackpot prize.

The Thai lottery is open to anyone in Thailand who is at least 20 years old. Those who win must claim their prize within two years after the draw date. The winnings are taxed at 0.5%. The lottery results are published around 5 pm on the first and sixteenth of each month, as well as the day after a holiday. Winners must visit the lottery office in Bangkok to claim their prize.

If you have an Android phone, you can download an application for the Thai lottery. This allows you to check the results on the go, anywhere you have internet access. It is also available for Windows and Mac OS. To install the app, visit the AppStore and select the Thai lottery application. Once installed, select the “All Apps” icon in the application’s menu.

To claim your prize, you must present a copy of your winning ticket, your Thai ID card, and your passport. If you win a prize from the Thai lottery, you must pay 0.5% stamp duty. This applies to both government-run and charitable lotteries. Moreover, the stamp duty is paid on all winnings, including cash prizes.

สายทหาร are notoriously big gamblers. It is estimated that around 70% of Thais gamble regularly, despite government bans on gambling. This has created a lucrative business for illegal operators. Thailand has a massive network of dealers and operators who operate parallel lotteries. The size of these parallel lotteries can be up to five times larger than the official Thai lottery.

The official lottery of Thailand is drawn twice a month. The drawings are broadcast live on television. The first drawing of the Thai lottery is on the first day of each month, while the second drawing is held on the sixteenth. There are two types of tickets, the Thai Charity Lottery and the Thai Government Lottery. The first prize in the TGL is three million baht. The second prize is two million baht.